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  2. You receive a commission on every sale you make.
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Go Buy Local Community Commitment:

Are you a Chamber of Commerce, an Association or other group looking to improve your retail community through advertising and e-coupons? We can help. With our fixed low-cost ad rates, you don't have to manage daily ad budgets and confusing CPC or CPM. We allow you to select your target geographic location, site-content and age group for each retailer and you can even bundle your community into a "one-click" for your entire retail community to appear online. All this without bidding on keywords or click frequency to secure your positioning in the ad line-up!

And, because we care about the growth of your community, not only do we promote online globally, but we show our support locally by giving back a portion of ad sales to your community through our GO GIFT SCHOOLS fundraising program. We are here to make every day life a little more simple, give us a call 612-378-1911 or to have someone from Go Buy Local contact you, click here.

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